At Jump Stretch we are passionate about the many benefits of Flex Band Exercises and the potential positive impact they may have, not only on athletes, but on an increasingly unfit, obese population. We are excited to introduce people all around South Africa to a new way of fitness and rehabilitation.

Research has shown that although cardio-vascular exercises significantly boost metabolism for short periods, a higher metabolic rate is maintained for longer if they are combined with strength-training exercises.

This is because strength training exercises promote muscle growth and the development of lean body tissue which in turn burns more energy, thereby increasing metabolic rate.

In keeping with our goals JSSA have been working closely with two physiotherapy practices to design functional variable isotonic rehabilitation courses and will introduce them to the various Tertiary Educational Institutes of South Africa. These seminars have been approved by the NSCA for Continuing Education Credits, and are worth .7 CEU’s in United States of America.

We are currently collaborating with the North West University’s (NWU) and University of The Free State (UFS) Sport Science and Human Movement Studies Department on the development of Flex Band Stretching, Fitness and Rehabilitation courses that can be included in the curriculum for the Honors Students of Sport Science and Biokinetics.

JSSA together with the Universities will apply to all the relevant authorities and organizations for accreditation of all courses offered.