Training coaches & personal trainers

Flex Bands® are extremely adaptable and a large number of resistance band exercises can be developed with very little additional equipment.

Smaller muscle groups that are hard to train with more traditional free weight exercises can be targeted with Flex Bands®. They can be used to make exercises more difficult by adding increasing resistance to exercises as they are stretched, or to make exercises more achievable by supporting part of your bodyweight. 

The versatility of Flex Band® exercises allows athletes to mirror very closely the movement patterns in their sport with varying degrees of resistance, using explosive techniques that duplicate the skills needed for optimum performance.

This makes it particularly appealing to athletic conditioning as sports-specific conditioning involves training movements rather than individual muscle groups.

At Jump Stretch we are passionate about the many benefits of Flexbands® Exercises especially their potential to improve athletic performance and prevent sports injuries in virtually any form of sports.. Our purpose is to educate coaches and trainers in Jump Stretch/ Flexbands® exercise techniques. We offer tailormade sports-specific courses and seminars to coaches and trainers seeking to enhance their own coaching skills and to improve their athletes' performances. The Jump Stretch South Africa Director/Owner Pierre Assor of South Africa is certified fitness trainer and coach with 16 years of experience in exercise science and sports management, which affords his customers/clients the most accurate, broadly experienced, and comprehensive solutions to their pressing fitness needs. JSSA currently have several clients who are interested in the training techniques with Flexbands® as well as the various flexibility and rehabilitation courses we offer. The list of current interest includes: The Springbok Rugby union, The Blue Bulls Rugby union, The Sharks Rugby Union, Noordheuwel High School, Krugersdorp High School, HTS Middelburg High School, Maregon Private School, Mamelodi Sundowns Soccer Team, Afrikaans Hoёr Seuns School Pretoria, High Performance Center Pretoria, High Performance Institute Potchefstroom, Glenburn Lodge, Ironrod Fitness Center, Uwezu Fitness Center, University of the Free State (UFS) where we installed the biggest Flexband Gym in SA to date.  We are confident that Jump Stretch South Africa is going to revolutionize the fitness, sport, and rehabilitation industries.