Injury Rehabilitation

Flex Bands® exercises are widely used by a variety of health and fitness practitioners to stabilize and strengthen vulnerable areas that are susceptible to injury. They improve balance, mobility, coordination and joint function, enhancing the body’s functional performance while decreasing the overall chance of injury. 

Flex Bands® can be used to immediately treat injuries such as sprains by applying compression to assist with lymphatic drainage and traction to restore joint-, muscle- and ligament alignment before muscle contraction and loss of mobility occur due to pain and swelling.

During rehabilitation, Flex Bands® offer a safe and effective method for restoring strength. The range of motion can be changed easily to isolate specific muscles and to vary stimulus on the muscle, promoting muscle growth and thereby increase muscular strength without overloading or damaging joints.

Pierre Assor from JSSA offers personal, one-on-one injury rehabilitation based on extensive knowledge and years of experience. He has had unmatched results in sports rehabilitation with high profile sports people from a variety of sporting backgrounds. His successes include: Legendary rugby player, Os du Randt Rugby player Duane Vermeulen Rene Kalmer, well known middle and long distance runner Springbok World Cup Squad 2011 2012 Olympic SA Hockey Men/Woman Heinrich Brussow Dr Derik Coetzee, Dean of Sports Science and Human Movement Studies at the UFS is a credible referral of the JSSA System.

personal training

JSSA also offers personalised individual training and one-on-one training in small groups. Because the JSSA system is a functional, low-maintenance system which is not limited to a gym environment, it offers a cost-effective alternative to expensive personal training at a gym. The Flex Bands® provide variable isotonic exercise, meaning that the pressure changes throughout the range of motion, providing concentric and eccentric working of targeted muscle being trained. This form of training is suitable to people of all ages with virtually no risk of injury