Flex Bands® are used in a variety of settings for strength training, flexibility, and rehabilitation. The bands provide variable isotonic resistance, meaning that the pressure changes throughout the range of motion.

Flex Bands® are continuous bands made of latex. They are 28" in diameter, and are 41" in length. The difference between the sizes is the width of the bands, with the bands providing a greater resistance.

Mini bands are ½" wide, and offer 5-25 lbs or 2-11 kgs of resistance at the top of the lift. miniband
Light bands are 1 1/8" wide, and offer 30-50 lbs or 14-23 kgs per band; Lightband1
Average bands are 1 ¾" wide and offer 65-85 lbs or 30-39 kgs per band; averageband
Strong bands are 2 ½" wide and offer 80-100 lbs or 36-45 kgs per band. strongband1
Monster bands offer up to 200 lbs or 90 kgs of resistance. monsterband
Double Monster band offers up to 120kg resistance Double Monster
Core Stability band is a small monster, used around the ankles or knees to intensify leg or core exercises Stability Band
Compression bands are useful for treating sprains and other injuries Thin Compression Band
  Thick Compression Band


Jumpstrecth can not be held responsible for any injuries or damage of goods if its not a JSSA Flexband being used. Neither can any training technique or stretching routine be used or implemented if its not a JSSA Flexband used in the process. The original Jumpstretch Flexband has a 32 year Track record and Scientific Sport Science Test trough many accredited Universities and Colleges Internationally. If it's not bought or ordered through accredited JSSA distributors or directly through Jumpstretch(PTy)Ltd., It's not an Original Flexband.