Our purpose is to educate healthcare professionals in Jump Stretch/ FlexBand exercise techniques; to train athletes and healthy populations to the highest level of achievement within the limitations of their ability; and to sell and distribute Jump Stretch/FlexBand exercise products in South Africa and around the world.

About JSSA


Jump Stretch was founded in the USA by Dick Hartzell who developed the Jump Stretch Training concept and equipment in 1980 while working as a high school football coach in Beloit, Ohio. His goal was to provide a safe way for athletes to train using explosive techniques that duplicate the skills needed for optimum performance. Initially Hartzell only solf Flex Bands to the athletes market. As Jump Stretch grew, first in the US and eventually internationally, distributors became an important part of selling FlexBands with distributor sales nearing one half of current annual international sales. Distributor sales have increased dramatically since certification mandatory for new dealers. The distributors is spread out throughout the USA and into other countries, including Canada, Finland, the United Kingdom, Japan, and now South Africa.
However, Jump Stretch South Africa director/owner Pierre Assor is so passionate about the benefits of this new way to fitness and rehabilitation that Jump Stretch SA has widened its focus to include the development and teaching of FlexBand Training Techniques rather than the mere distribution of FlexBands. Pierre is a certified fitness trainer and coach with 16 years of experience in exercise-science and sports management, which affords his customers/clients the most accurate, broadly experienced, and comprehensive solutions to their pressing fitness needs.
We are excited to introduce people all around South Africa to a new way of fitness and rehabilitation. Our goal is to help people improve athletic performance, improve fitness, lose weight, become more flexible, prevent injuries and get relief from chronic injuries. Our clients include individual athletes, high schools, colleges, universities, professional sports teams, power lifters, doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors.


JSSA is affiliated to and has worked extensively with the following organisations:

  • University of the Free State (Honors Students –Sports Science and Human Movement Studies)
  • North-West University - Potchefstroom (Honors Students –Sports Science and Human Movement Studies & Biokinetics Studies)
  • University of Johannesburg (Honor Students –Sports Science and Human Movement Studies
  • High Performance Institute Potchefstroom
  • Springbok Rugby
  • Sharks Rugby 
  • Blue Bulls Rugby
  • Western Province Rugby
  • The NETCARE Medical Group.
  • Sport Academy of the Eastern Cape
  • High Performance Centre Pretoria
  • FITPRO – Fitness education & training
  • Corporate Professional development (CPD) for the fitness industry